Side Effects Of Carbonated Water, Soft Drinks And Pop Soda On Health

Side effects of carbonated water, soft drinks,coke,pop soda,sugary and fizzy drinks on health and body.

Side Effects Of Carbonated Water, Soft Drinks And Pop Soda On Health
Side Effects Of Carbonated Water, Soft Drinks And Pop Soda On Health

Soft drinks as harmful as smoking

The regular consumption of sugared soft drinks increases the risk of numerous diseases. American scientists have found that the sweet drinks can also accelerate cell aging. It takes two glasses of lemonade per day and you already die four and a half years rather than that without soft drinks - which is the consumption of Limo & Co. just as harmful as smoking.

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Death by lemonade

Beverages with a high sugar content, such as lemonade, increase the risk of numerous diseases such as diabetes , the metabolic syndrome , cardiovascular complaints and of course overweight .

A US study from 2013 showed that up to 180,000 deaths could be attributed to the excessive consumption of sugary drinks worldwide.

With 133,000, most of them succumb to the effects of diabetes. 44,000 people die from cardio-vascular diseases caused by sugary drinks, 6,000 from softdrink-related cancer .

This study, however, only evaluated the data from adults - the harmful influence of Limonade & Co. on children is not even taken into account here.

Higher sugar dose increases risk of heart disease

A study published in the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in April 2015 showed for the first time that it is, among other things, the sugar dose that makes soft drinks a crucial risk factor for cardiovascular diseases .

85 subjects between the ages of 18 and 40 participated in the study and were divided into four groups.

Three groups drank a drink with very sweet corn syrup for 15 days - the sugar content was 10, 17.5 and 25 percent respectively, while one group received a sugar-free drink.

The research team around Kimber Stanhope noted on the basis of the blood values ​​of the subjects that the increase in the sugar dose also increased the risk for cardiovascular disease .

The frightening thing about the study is that the consumption of the sugary drink showed its negative effect after only two weeks.

So you can easily figure out what it means for health, if daily and over the years to sweetened soft drinks is grabbed!

Sugar drinks make old

However, even if the use of soft drinks does not lead to a specific disease, it has nothing harmful to the body - as results from a study by the University of California in San Francisco / USA show.

Prof. Elissa Epel and her colleagues established a possible link between the consumption of sugar beverages and the aging of the cells.

The DNA, ie the genetic information in our cells, is protected by so- called telomeres. These are located at the end of each chromosome strand and thus protect the DNA from damage.

In the course of life, the telomeres become ever shorter, the hereditary information becomes more and more vulnerable.

And this process is also called cell aging and is the reason that with the age suddenly also more and more diseases appear.

Prof. Epel and her team investigated the DNA of more than 5,000 study participants at the age of 20 to sixty-five years on their telomere length. They also asked the test persons about their drinking habits.

Lemonade as harmful as nicotine

The researchers then found that sugared soft drinks apparently directly attack the telomeres and thus promote cell aging - regardless of whether the soft drinkers ultimately become diabetics or cancer.

However, this connection would also be a possible explanation for the immense health problems in the form of diabetes and many other diseases that can  cause sugar .

In order to determine whether the telomeric effects are actually caused by the drinks, a second study is underway.

It is also unclear as to whether children are already affected by these harmful effects.

The scientists calculated with the results so far, that the consumption of a little more than 2 glasses (à 250 ml) of lemonade per day (or another sugary drink) would shorten the life by about four and a half years.

This would make two glasses of lemonade daily just as harmful as smoking !

Diet drinks also harmful

However, the possible relationship between cell aging and consumption of sugar drinks does not mean that sweetener-containing "diet" drinks should be consumed instead.

If you want to drink something sweet, you should make your own lemonade.

Even homemade (green) smoothies are a fine way to enjoy a sweet, but at the same time super-healthy beverage.


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